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Counseling & Divorce Help for
Men & Women in Minneapolis

Welcome to Infinite Aperture Counseling

It's a courageous act to seek counseling (particularly for men) because it can be emotionally challenging to look at one's life—so I commend you for your willingness and fortitude in beginning this journey. Of course there are significant payoffs as well:

  • Greater overall satisfaction with your life direction
  • A greater sense of discovering your own inward power to act for the benefit of yourself and others
  • A realization that you have more control of your personal destiny then you might have imagined

Everyone who pursues counseling does so for different reasons. Sometimes those reasons are apparent at the beginning of their counseling but often additional or hidden reasons reveal themselves as the counseling relationship deepens and grows.

I pledge to provide, through upholding and subscribing to the highest professional standards and integrity, support, encouragement, and guidance as we work together seeking greater clarity and insight into your current challenges
- Harry Greenberg.

About "Infinite Aperture"...an apt description of my practice:

A common definition of 'aperture' is an opening, such as a hole, gap, or slit. Most often it is heard in the photography world where it is defined as a usually adjustable opening in an optical instrument, such as a camera or telescope, that limits the amount of light passing through a lens or onto a mirror.

The objectives of my counseling are quite simple:

...to assist you into allowing 'more light' or insight into your consciousness—thus bringing your life 'into focus' so that you have a much better view of yourself. This might include redefining boundaries in relation to others, changing life focus, or moving your life into a completely new direction.

Please call or Email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.

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